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      Our company caters to different levels from skilled workers to professionals and offers programs across disciplines. We started our operation as a review center for medical professionals (nurses, doctors, PT’s etc. ) who would like to pass the international English language exams required by the foreign employers for Filipino professionals who would like to get employment abroad. Dealing with these medical professionals brought ARCZONE into seeing the “missing links” in Philippine education. We, then, started re-equipping our educators, from elementary to college levels, the knowledge and skills needed to make our Filipino learners GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE.


          ARCZONE’s more than a decade of existence in the business has made a remarkable contribution in the field of education. Colleges and universities took the services of the company in enhancing their learning and examination preparation programs for undergraduates across levels and disciplines. Private agencies deploying Filipinos abroad have also established tie-ups with the company to assist their clients in meeting the language demands of their foreign employers. More recently, ARCZONE has been assisting corporate clients in terms of training and consultancy services in various platforms such as classroom-based, trainer-led, and on-site.



     Moreover, we have also been successful in spreading its wings to teacher education institutions (TEI’s) nationwide through its pre-service programs. This phenomenon opened doors for ARCZONE as a review program provider for the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Our system of monitoring the performance and assisting the reviewees to meet the challenges of the exam has built stronger relationships with the reviewees and the TEI’s where they come from.

    ARCZONE has also provided teacher training programs (division, regional, and national levels) to thousands of teachers in the country. There are programs which are already scheduled in the school calendars of different divisions nationwide.


    Lastly,  we have anticipated the future demands of the ASEAN integration. Thus, we offer foreign language programs such as Nihongo, Norwegian, Korean, Mandarin and other foreign languages that are given to different Filipino clients – from students to Filipino skilled workers who need to learn these languages. ARCZONE’s program portfolio stands firm in its mission to provide training programs at various lengths and levels to make the Filipinos GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE!

     Being a client-centered company, ARCZONE provides training and consultancy solutions which are scalable, tailor made and responsive to the goals and needs of the clients.


      We believe that the success of our clients is also the company's success. Thus, we always take the challenge to provide the most up-to-date programs to address the specific targets of our clients in the most effective manner.

ARCZONE's one its seminar-workshops on teaching for Filipino educators



The best team of trainers and consultants


            Through the years of providing training and consultancy services to our clients, ARCZONE has established a database of highly skilled and experienced facilitators and trainers. Our outstanding group of experts comes from highly established and well reputed educational institutions of the country and abroad.

            Living to our name, we do our best to maintain the highest degree of professionalism not only in dealing with our clients bust also with everyone who works with us. This enables us to always bring the best team of lecturers and consultants in the field.

        We are proud to say that our program developers and training consultants have proven remarkable contribution in the fields they have engaged in. Most of them are also the training consultants of major government agencies such as the Department of Education.

The vibrant office staff members


            Members of the company's office staff are considered as one of our best assets. They are dedicated, enthusiastic, innovative and responsible employees who are central to the company's mission.

            Our office team is the first point of contact for enquiries, help and support. They are always ready to assist our clients.


The mission-oriented and goal-focused management team

            What set us apart from our competitors are the members that comprise the management team. ARCZONE is led by the highly driven and passionate educators.

            Members of ARCZONE's Board of Directors are educated by the best schools in the Philippines and abroad, in European countries in particular. Some of them teach in teacher training institutions in the country and have published scholarly articles in local and international journals and have presented their work in conferences abroad.

       Those members of the management team who have involvement in learning and teaching programs abroad are very active in projects in Education and Development. They have also published scholarly work as journal articles and book chapters. Moreover, they often present their research in international conferences abroad.

         As the key persons in the company, the Board of Directors oversee the performance of the company and its every single engagement activity. They make sure that every unit of the company works steadily toward constant improvement of services and persistently stretches its potentials in order to serve the clients effectively.

            The trainers and consultants, the members of our office team, the management team, our quality programs and services, and our efficient and effective organizational operations contribute to ARCZONE's competitive edge.

ARCZONE's hands-on seminar-workshop on teaching for Filipino teachers

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